**Specialised multi-day horse riding adventures for experienced (intermediate to advanced) horse riders.

The Horses Arabians And Brumbies For Trekking

Southern Cross Horse Treks mainly uses well trained, Australian-bred Arabian horses carefully selected and conditioned for long distance trail riding for experienced horse riders. A few taller and more solid horses were added to complement the Arabian herd. All horses have completed endurance rides as part of their trail horse training and are fit, forward and responsive.

This photo album shows the Kerewong Horses on and off duty, grazing in their paddocks, running and playing with their herd friends, their beautiful Arabian expression and features, on endurance rides and working on trail. You can read more about these horses in the individual Horse Profiles and general Horse Information in the About section.

Arabian Nino At Intermediate Endurance Ride 2022 (PC: Animal Focus)
Endurance Horse Training Ride NSW
Australian Brumbies Trekking Holiday Horses
Guy Fawkes Heritage Horses
Beach Horse Riding Australia
Horse Holiday Highlights
Kuta - Southern Cross Horse Treks Australia Endurance Horse Riding Port Macquarie NSW
With Southern Cross Horse Treks Australia
Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse (Captured Brumby) by Elsa Marchenay Photography
Australian Brumby Trekking Horse
Endurance Horse Riders NSW Australia PC: Animal Focus
Kerewong Endurance Team 2022
Horse Endurance Riding Tours NSW Australia
Endurance Trained Arabian Horses
Arabian Endurance Horses NSW Australia
Jimmy and Toby At 2016 Endurance Ride
Endurance Trained Trekking Horses NSW Australia. Photo Credit: Denise Keelan
Training For Long Distance Trekking Horses
Endurance Trained Trekking Horses (PC:Animal Focus)
Forward Moving Trail Horses
Horse Riding Holidays Australia
New Generation Kerewong Horses
Australian Brumbies Trail Riding Horses
The New Generation Trail Horses
Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse Horse Trekking Holiday Australia
Ride Australian Heritage Horses
Kuta - Horse Riding Port Macquarie Beaches NSW - Horse Treks Australia
Beautiful Arabian Beach Horses
Kuta - Cheeky Face Horse Riding Holiday Arabian
Arabian Trail Horses With Character
Kuta - Well Cared For Kerewong Trail Horses
Australian Lucerne Horse Hay
Kuta  - Australian Arabian Trail Horse In Kerewong Paddock
Horses Live In Herd Environment
Kuta - Horse Treks Australia Endurance Horse Riding NSW
Arriving At The Top Of Comboyne Peak
Endurance Riding NSW Australia With Kerewong Trail Horse Kuta 2014
Arabian Trail Horse Romac Kuta
Kuta - Southern Cross Horse Treks Trail Riding Holidays NSW Australia
During Australian Horse Riding Tour
Kuta - Horse Riding Port Macquarie Beaches NSW - Horse Treks Australia
Beach Ride - NSW Australia
Resting Horse in Australian Field
Horse Holiday Farm Pastures
Mindy The Gentle Gazelle
Mindy The Gentle Gazelle
Nadal & Kuta - Multiday Adventure Horse Riding Holidays NSW Australia
Riding Along The Ocean
Nadal - Andalusian At Horse Riding Adventure Tours NSW Australia
Weight Carrier With Personality
Nadal - Andalusian At Southern Cross Horse Treks Horse Riding Adventure Tours NSW Australia
Australian Bred Andalusian Horse
Nino - Partbred Arabian
Versatile Partbred Arabian
Partbred Arabian Trail Riding Horses NSW Australia
Arabian Trekking Horse
Young Trekking Horse in the Kerewong Paddock
Horse Riding Holidays Australia
Endurance Horse Riding Holidays NSW (PC Animal Focus)
Conditioning for Long Distance Trekking
Australian Horse Riding Tours NSW Holidays
Australian Horse Tour
Arabian Horse Riding Holiday Australia Near Sydney NSW
Horse Tours With Australian Arabian Horses
Australian Brumby Horse Riding Holiday Australia
Unique Australian Horse Breed
Young Arab Australia Horse Holidays
Beautiful Arabian Movement
Australian Brumby Horse Trekking Holiday NSW
Palomino Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse
NSW Mid North Coast Forest Horse Riding
NSW Australia Forest Horse Riding
Valentino - Horse Riding Adventure Holiday NSW Australia
Beautiful Arabian Horses
Valentino In Kerewong Horse Paddock NSW Australia
Pretty Arabian Horses
NSW Australian Horse Trail Riding Holidays With Arabian Horses - Valentino
Arabian Expression And Features

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