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Jimmy's Point of View

Hear the news from the trail horses point of view. All Kerewong visitors will find out sooner or later that Jimmy The Arabian is very opinionated about all that goes on during the riding treks and on the trails. If Jimmy doesn't like it everybody will know. In his blog the Kerewong Star will give regular updates on what happened on the trails and, in line with his straight forward reputation, he tells it like it is. 

Jimmy's picture
Endurance Trail Riding Horses Play In Large Paddocks Horse Farm NSW North Sydney

Finally it has been acknowledged that I need my own blog where I can speak to my many fans. After all, I am the most important horse at Kerewong and as I have a clear opinion about most things in life it will be good to be able to share this. I will make regular updates about what I and the other, unimportant trail horses have been doing, which guest was my favourite and which guests needed more training - I can usually sort them out in a week on the trails.

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