**Specialised multi-day horse riding adventures for experienced (intermediate to advanced) horse riders.

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Find Southern Cross Horse Treks information for riders who are thinking of making a reservation for a tour or trek horseriding holiday at Kerewong in the Lorne Valley, near Port Macquarie, New South Wales Australia.

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Kerewong Fact Sheet

Whether interested to find out more or already booked on a horse riding tour with Southern Cross Horse Treks, riders can find all the information they need in one handy place with this page.

You can also download and print out a copy of this "Fact Sheet" for your reference - see download page in rider info.

Please read this Fact Sheet while planning your horse riding holiday...

Horse Rider Info For Australian Horse Trek Holidays
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Download Documents

Download a copy of the necessary documents for your information and to read off-line. The Booking form may be filled out and returned by email OR book online, at the www.horsetreks.com.au website, at any time.

Southern Cross Horse Treks Australia hopes this is helpful when making a decision about your next horse riding holiday!

Kathy looks forward to riding with you!

Booking Documents & Rider Info For Horse Riding Holidays In Australia
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Horse Treks Booking Procedure

Please read through our booking procedure to understand how to book and what happens after you submit an enquiry for one of the scheduled horse riding tours or a custom tour request.

Southern Cross Horse Treks Australia specialises in small group horse trek tours of up-to 4 experienced (intermediate to advanced) guest riders. Tour groups usually consist of singles or couples booking...

Australian Horse Riding Holidays Tour Booking Info
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Kerewong Terms & Conditions

When booking a horse riding tour or trek with Southern Cross Horse Treks Australia, all riders must acknowledge and agree with the following Terms and Conditions.

Additional information for guests is available on the Fact Sheet.

Please contact Kathy by email (preferred) or phone if you have any questions or concerns about the Southern Cross Horse Treks Terms and Conditions and...

Read The Horse Riding Holidays Terms & Conditions
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Privacy Policy

Southern Cross Horse Treks have a strong commitment to protecting the privacy of all people with whom it comes into contact - whether via phone, website and email enquiry, online forms or subscriptions.

This policy contains information about what is done with the data you provide to us and also covers information about photography that may be taken when on a horse riding holiday or...

Horse Treks Privacy Policy
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Southern Cross Horse Treks Australia - Location & Map
Location of Southern Cross Horse Treks:

The Southern Cross Horse Treks' Horse Farm "Kerewong" is situated on the New South Wales Mid North Coast, south of Port Macquarie, on Australia's East Coast between Sydney and Bisbane.

Kerewong Horse Farm lies in the beautiful Lorne Valley, near the small town of Kendall in the hinterland of the Camden Haven - Greater Port Macquarie Region, 30...

Horse Riding Holidays New South Wales Australia
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