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Australian Summer - January 2017

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2016 End Of Year Reflections - Kerewong Horse Treks

I missed writing the Spring Newsletter (my excuse is: too busy riding) and already we zoomed into the middle of an overheated summer and are at the start of a new year.

First of all I wish you all a happy, healthy, successful and adventurous 2017! May there be many hours in the saddle but don't forget that just spending some quality time with the horses is equally important and enjoyable. 

2016 has been my busiest year since starting the business in 2004. I want to thank everybody who came to ride with me. What a privilege to live at Kerewong and share my life with so many kind people for a little while. If only you could stay longer and help!

Let's also thank all the Kerewong horses for making all this possible and bringing us together.

We (this is I, Max, my helpers, the horses and dogs!) will continue to do our best to make your guest-stay time at Kerewong, riding through the Australian bush, rainforest and along the beach, one of the highlights of your Australia trip. 

I imagine most of you are back at work after a Christmas holiday break, I hear it's a very cold winter in Europe, and you may be day dreaming about a little bit of sunshine. Well let me tell you, we are having a record-breaking hot summer over here and I was dreaming of a white Christmas.

So sitting with the dogs under the struggling air-conditioning, I wrote the 2016 Year Review Blog to share with you some of the Kerewong Happenings and Highlights of 2016. 

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There has also been some fun on Facebook with lots of new photos and stories from rides and around the farm.

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Welcome Supreme Dream - New Trekking Horse

I did not really plan for a new horse but then I met a horse who really needed a new home and new friends and consequently Kerewong Horse nr. 13 - "Supreme Dream" - arrived in August 2016.

Although Dream had not been ridden for at least 4 years, he settled in really quick and easy and he started work just 2 months after arrival. 

Dream is a 15 year old grey pure-bred Arabian gelding, who has not done much at all in his life. Up until now that is! I hope this beautiful friendly boy with the promising name and a happy peppy young horse attitude will show us all that life starts at 15 and that a free horse can indeed be a really really good horse!

So far he has been a pleasure to have on the rides and he certainly is loving his life at Kerewong. He's best friends with previous newcomer Toby and together they are the Dream Team, spending a lot of time play-fighting in the fields.

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2017 Endurance Horseriding News

Not much endurance news yet because the season doesn't start until March. The photo is of Toby (the chestnut) on his first 40 km ride in July 2016 and Jimmy (The Great White) ridden by my very loyal guest and friend Eileen.

I still would like to give a few guest riders the opportunity to join me for an endurance ride this year, but the timing needs to be right and planning is difficult. It can really only be confirmed quite close to the dates. I will contact the people who have expressed their interest when there is anything in the planning that could suit them.  

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New Italy Endurance Ride 2016 - Photo Denise Keelan

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this news from Kerewong!

Best Regards - Kathy Holtrust

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