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Australian Winter - August 2016

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Kerewong Winter Happenings

Since moving to Australia, winter is my favourite time of year. The weather is ideal for horse riding but it is the most quiet time for the horse tours because most visitors travel to Australia in their Northern Hemisphere winter to soak up some Aussie summer sun.

July was the first real break the horses have had this year because it has already been so busy. We did 12 week-long tours in the first 6 months of 2016! So the rest time was much needed and the horses will be fresh and ready again when the spring season starts in September.

It won't take long until the weather will get warmer again and the horses have already started to shed their winter coats.

There has also been some fun on Facebook with lots of new photos and stories from rides and around the farm.

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NSW Australia Trek Horses Resting

Horseriding Holiday Adventure Tours

2016 Week-long Trekking Tours - Booking Information

The week-long tours for the remainder of 2016 are now either fully booked or have limited availability so if you are thinking of booking a riding tour this spring or summer, please don't wait too long before enquiring to avoid disappointment.

The tour date schedule can be viewed here. 

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Tour Dates 2017 and September Weekend Rides

2017 Tour Dates & Changes

The tour dates for 2017 are set and ready to be viewed on the Horsetreks website ride calendar.

Instead of the usual Sunday - Saturday schedule, the tour dates for 2017 are little bit all over the place due to planning according to low tide times to make sure we ride on the beach in the best possible conditions.  

Overall costs in Australia (in particular insurance premiums) have increased out of proportion in recent years and consequently I increased the tour prices for 2017. However I believe I still offer one of the best value horse riding tours in Australia and you can be assured of being partnered with a high quality horse who receives a very high standard of care and will give you a great week of adventurous horse riding.

Also, I will try to give return clients (especially those who have the added cost of a long-haul overseas flight) a discount, whenever possible.

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Join In On A Horse Riding Holiday

Weekend Rides - Spring 2016

August and September still have some openings so I scheduled weekend rides which will probably be your last chance for a weekend ride at Kerewong this year as week tours are quickly filling up for the rest of the year.

Weekend Ride Dates (Currently with vacancies):

  • 26 - 28 August  
  • 2 - 4 September  
  • 9 - 11 September

Again, the horse trekking tour date schedule can be viewed here. 

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Horseriding Endurance News

2016 Endurance Events

I attended 2 endurance events recently. I finally had the opportunity to take Valentino to his first 40 km endurance ride and it was a great success and a very nice experience with him. He is so strong and fit and just floated through it.

Shortly after that I took Toby on his first endurance ride and invited my friend Eileen (the record holding Kerewong client) to accompany us and ride Jimmy. We had an amazing good experience, what a great weekend and the horses did so well. Well done Eileen!

Horse Endurance Riding Tours NSW Australia

Kathy & Valentino Endurance Riding

Endurance Riding Opportunity 2017

I hope to be able to do more of this next year (the endurance season runs over the Australian winter months) and the first next endurance ride will be in March 2017. I would like to try and take 3 or 4 horses (Valentino, Jimmy, Kuta and Toby) for the 40 km distance, which means 2 or 3 clients can express their interest for this.

This is very early in the planning but if you have any interest in doing this, now is the time to let me know as obviously space is very limited and only available for strong intermediate - advanced, fit and non-competitive riders. 

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this newsletter,

Best Regards - Kathy Holtrust

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