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Australian Winter - July 2017

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Horse Treks News for 2017

It seems not that long ago that I wrote the last newsletter while sitting under the struggling airconditioning during the hottest summer I can remember since I live here. Heat wave after heat wave, it was almost good fortune that I was forced to sit inside due to my injured foot (which is now healed). In February there were quite serious bush fire threats as well, but thankfully nothing came too close. This was followed by flooding rains a few weeks later (March) - in true Aussie style the weather always comes in extremes: after the "Big Hot & Dry" came the "Big Wet".

And now we're having the "Big Beautiful". I sit in front of the wood fire, the days are short, horses look wooly, it has been wonderful warm sunny winter days and it's the time of year to clean up the property while the horses have a few weeks rest. Time has gotten away from me, the year already more then halfway gone, I did not manage to write an autumn newsletter. 

So what happened in the meantime, except that there were quite a lot of week rides. A big thing for me personally was thay I finally had a holiday!! I went to the Snowy Mountains, to the Man from Snowy River Bush Festival in Corryong Victoria and took part in Rileys Ride, a 4 day horse trek in honour of Jack Riley, the original Man From Snowy River. I took Jimmy with me as my holiday horse, and he probably enjoyed the time away as much as I did. And Bowie even managed to enjoy his time with my farmsitter helper Lea and did not get into too much trouble.

In May another horse arrived, a mare!! This was not planned, especially not the mare part of the story, but Miss Mindisha (Mindy) is here and I'm working things out with her at the moment. A 10 year old part-arabian bay mare, 14.2-14.3 hands high. When Mindy is ready to start work on the trails there will be 9 working horses, but Kamal is now a senior citizen: 19 years old soon, but still going well and not retiring yet. More information about Mindy next time! You can see her in the photo on the right.

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Little House for short or long-term Rent - Volunteer & Extend your Holiday at Kerewong at affordable rate (weekly)

Last year a small but comfortable 2 bedroom self-contained pre-fab cabin was placed on the property in a private location behind the stables for the purpose of housing people willing to help me on the farm.

After having many ex-guests expressing interest to come and help for short periods or to stay at Kerewong as in a farm-stay option, I want to offer the house for rent to people who would like to have the opportunity to stay at Kerewong for a little longer then just the one week of horse riding tour or for anyone who wants to experience Australian country life.

The new option will be that the cabin can be rented for $250 per week including power/gas/water/wifi/laundry. Occupants are responsible for providing for their own meals (full kitchen facilities available).

Occupants can choose to either pay rent or work approx. 3 hours per day 5 days per week (or 15 hours per week) to pay off the rent. Examples of tasks: filling water troughs, cleaning saddles, cleaning manure from day-yards and smaller paddocks, picking up sticks from driveway, weeding and gardening, general mainenance and tidying jobs around the house, stables/sheds and property. Feeding horses or driving for the horse tours - only if appropriate.

In agreement you can work additional hours to exchange for horse riding and/or your meals during horse riding tour weeks - this is a flexible situation from week to week and person to person and depends on tour bookings and weather.

This deal is for people who would like to spend some time or extend their stay at Kerewong, on a beautiful farm-stay horse holiday property, amongst the horses & dogs, nature & wildlife, meet horse riders from all around the world during the horse riding tour weeks and enjoy the peace and quiet when there is no-one else around.

For people who are interested and would like to stay longer, the work hours are flexible. It may be suitable for someone to take on a part-time job as well to support themselves financially. The agreement can be tailor made to suit your needs.

The current "Work at Southern Cross Horse Treks" offer is still on the website and is still available for the right person.

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Spring Weekend Rides & Endurance News

It looks like September - October will have some opportunities for Weekend Rides. Please contact me if you are interested in booking a weekend ride or long weekend ride. As soon as weekend rides are confirmed I will list them on the website under Tour D: Weekend Rides, but not on the main Tour Schedule Calendar because weekend rides will coincide with the week tours that run over a weekend. If you add a day you can join the beach ride on the Monday.

Available Weekend Ride Dates: 1-4 September, 15-18 September, 29 September - 2 October (Public Holiday Long Weekend), 13-16 October, 27-30 October. 

Winter is also the Endurance competition season. There were plans to take people on 40 km Endurance Rides but planning remains an obstacle and there have not really been any good opportunities and when there were, rides were cancelled or rescheduled. I did one Endurance Ride with Valentino in March on a beautiful track and hope to be able to take Toby and Dream in coming weeks. 

Tour dates for 2018 are now also published on the website so you can start planning!!

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That's all for now! I hope you have enjoyed reading this newsletter,

Best Regards - Kathy Holtrust

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