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Horse Rider Reviews - Southern Cross Horse Treks (Kerewong) NSW Australia

Read reviews and rider comments about Southern Cross Horse Treks, the trail riding horses and the experiences and stories guests share about their horse riding holiday tours & treks NSW Australia.

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Back In The Saddle - Horse Riding Holiday Review

If you're an experienced rider, then Kathy Holtrust's Southern Cross Horse Treks near Port Macquarie is the place for you. Surrounded by forest, and with extensive bush and beach rides, fit, healthy horses, plenty of food and comfortable surroundings, it's a perfect horse-riding holiday, writes Candida Baker.

Read Candida's review of her three day horse riding experience with Southern Cross Horse Treks Australia.

Full Story: "I was having this beautiful dream. I was in a brand-new space — a cabin perched... - Click here to continue..
Kerewong Luxury Cabin
Candida Baker
Byron Bay, NSW
Verandah Magazine

The Mane Attraction - Travel Publication

Jann McPherson resists the temptations of Sydney and goes horse-riding instead.

The well travelled New Zealand journalist joined a friend on a week ride at Kerewong and loved it so much she decided to write an article for her local newspaper on return, stating "The Arab horses of the Lorne Valley are forward going Lamborghinis of the equine species"

Full Story: "I did a very European thing recently. I did away with the excitement and pseudo... - Click here to continue..
The Trekking Company's Modern Lodge And Pool
Jann McPherson
Nelson, South Island
New Zealand
The Nelson Mail Newspaper

Rider Testimonials

Horse Riding Reviews and Articles Horse Riding Review Details

Best Time Of My Life!

Thank you for the best time of my life! The horses are incredible! The place is great, quiet and relaxing, warm and nice ambience. I'll often think of you and I thank you for those beautiful moments of pure happiness.

I'll never forget Nadal and all the other super horses, and the very kind attention and love given to these horses.

Aurelia B.
Kerewong Guestbook

Kerewong Is A Perfect Haven

A big thank you for a fabulous time. We love it here. The horses are stunning and so well-behaved! And how lovely to be with the 3 doggies, they are great fun. You have made us feel so welcome and all places we stayed are perfect, with views which are out of this world and friendly lovely hosts. 

Kerewong is a perfect haven and we have felt so at home. 

John & Debbie
Kerewong Guestbook

Excellent And Highly Recommended

A fantastic trip! Well managed and fun horses (I rode 5 of them), really spoiled with the service and good food, the nature and wildlife was even better then I had hoped. Excellent allround and highly recommended!

I will highly recommend this place to all my horse-friends back in Sweden. Keep up the good work!

Anna B.
Travel Agent Feedback Form

Shared Passion

And so this horse riding holiday draws to a close. Many thanks to Kathy for organising everything to impeccable mastery. We arrived last week as strangers who share a passion and leave as a small family as the many adventurous rides strengthened and forged bonds between us.

We soon will long for the quaint evenings around the fireplace, the company of the horses and dogs. We look forward to coming back again for more and hopefully soon enough!

Sohrab & Julia
Switzerland & Melbourne, Australia
Kerewong Guestbook

Forever In My Memories!

I'll remember the Australian winter morning mist slowly rising, the paradise singing of the birds and the peaceful mornings; Fantastic horses, courageous and so well taken care of. Forever in my memories.. Thank you for sharing your experience and passion!

Ariane S.
Kerewong Guestbook

Magical Arabian Horses

Julie: Everything was superb. Loved the horses, especially Jimmy. The country side is spectacular and the most exhilirating part was the beach gallop. Thank you so much for an unforgettable week.

Kathy: Thank you for giving me Toby all week. I will always remember his gentle personality, continuous endurance and kisses on the cheek. Truly a magical Arabian horse.  

Kathy & Julie
Brisbane QLD
Kerewong Guestbook

Beautiful, Brave, Well-Behaved Horses

Thank you Kathy for being the most amazing host. I've had the most fantastic time.

Your horses are a credit to you, so beautiful, brave and well-behaved. Your home is warm and welcoming; too many superlatives. I will never forget it!

Debbie V.
Kerewong Guestbook

Beach And Rain Forest Galloping

I will remember the fast galloping in the rain forest and on the beach as one of the best moments in my life! 

This week everything has been so perfect... and that is thanks to you Kathy! Lots of love to the horses, especially Dream! 

Kerewong Guestbook

As Good As Ever!

Second time around it was as good as ever. In 2008 I was here with Kathy and it has been great again. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Everything I wrote last time still applies!

Kerewong Guestbook

Freedom To Fly!

I really enjoyed the Arabian horses and the freedom to gallop!
Loved the terrain we covered on the progressive riding tour.
Lunch stops along the way were delightful, good food.

My friends and I rated the beach ride as the best we've done, as in longest, best and safest sand, and the freedom to "fly" (compared to what we've done in Costa Rica, California, Spain, Wales and Ireland).

The tour operators care and concern for the horses is exceptional. Of all the riding holidays I've been on, she was the most diligent and observant of horse and rider interactions to assure comfort. 

I highly recommend this ride to adventuresome, confident and secure horse riding folks who want to have a really great week.

Martha K.
Travel Agency Feedback Form

Worth The Long Journey

Thank you for a marvellous week - ride fantastic horses - stay on a beautiful farm - great hospitality - very good trails - the best weather. Not often have we come to a horse riding place where we find that ALL the horses are good to ride.  

A long way to travel from Oslo / Norway but totally worth it!!

The Norwegian Group
Kerewong Guestbook

Unforgettable Dream Holiday

I want to say "thanks" again for an unforgettable holiday on your farm. The seven days were just perfect: beautiful farm and area, very good food, amazing animals and a great hostess. I wish you, the dogs and the horses all the best. You've really created a dream.


All-time Favourite Horse Vacation

The Comboyne Progressive Riding Tour is now my all-time favourite horse vacation.

Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Kerewong Guestbook

An Aussie Style Adventure

Coming to Kerewong for a return visit is like seeing family again. Some things change - goodbye sweet Jambo - hello Jedda and especially little Bowie - but some things are ever as they should be. Sunshine, eucalyptus trees rustling in the forest, miles of beach, waking up with the birds and green grass.

And the horses: such a good group of characters! Happy retirees on the hillside + eager fit workers always ready to go! Handsome Jimmy with a gait like smooth flowing water was a joy to ride. Thanks Kathy for another week of fine adventure, Aussie style.

Kerewong Guestbook

New Year's Ride

How lucky are we to be the last ride of 2014 and the first ride of 2015! We would like to thank you and the beautiful horses for everything.

It has been a pleasure to spend time at Kerewong - the days filled with stunning horses, heart pounding gallops and lovely company. And come back to playful dogs, delicious home-cooked meals and a gorgeous view from the deck.

Thank you for sharing the horses with us!

New Years Day 2015 Beach Horse Ride
Sophie & Melanie
Brisbane, Qld
Australia & Germany
Kerewong Guestbook

You Won't Find A Better Horsey Getaway!

My little brother and I spent a week at Kathy's place and what a week it was! Fully catered for (Kathy is an excellent cook), and very comfortable accommodation (5 star cabin complete with view). There is plenty of wildlife to enjoy (wallabies, birdlife, frogs).

And the horses! Oh, the horses! If you are expecting horses that simply "follow-the-leader", then this is not the holiday for you. Experienced riders only as the trails are very adventurous. Plenty of beautiful scenery and we went on a different trail each day. The beach ride was definitely my favourite, galloping down the shoreline like a mad-woman.

A couple of restrictions do apply, including weight limits as Arabian horses are quite small. However, Kathy is (as far as I know) adding some larger breeds to her bunch of beauties. Also, this holiday is for competent riders only due to the nature of the rides.

Price-wise, you will get serious bang for your buck! Totally worth every penny. Overall, both my brother and I will definitely be back! We both had the best time, thank you Kathy!

Friendly Horses on Horseriding Holiday NSW
Teneille D
Brisbane, Qld
Trip Advisor Review

Eine Perfekte Trail Woche

Ich habe hier ein super schoene Woche verbracht! Alles ist einfach perfekt gewesen: die tollen Pferde, meine netten Mitreiterinnen, die ("Schoss") Hunde, Guide und Helfer, die unterschiedlichen Uneterkuenfte, die Farm, die Wallabies in der Wiese, die Ausritte, das Wetter.

Nichts haette besser sein koennen! Vielen Dank fuer Alles!

Jimmy Meet The Blue Koala At Bago Vineyards On Winery Horse Ride Tour
Kerewong Guestbook

Perfect Tonic For A Stressful Life

Once again I must thank you and the horses for a superb experience. Kuta provided the right amount of challenge and speed and sweet Aliya is the perfect tonic for my stressful life (beyond Kerewong). Thank you Kuta and Aliya for carrying me so willingly - your fitness, spririt and expert hooves were such a joy.

Thank you as always to Kathy - the horses and dogs are a testament to your care, understanding and devotion. As I said a year ago - I hope to see you all again!

Horse Riding Port Macquarie Hinterland Comboyne NSW
Stephanie P.
Canberra, ACT
Kerewong Guestbook

Spirited Kerewong Horses

This holiday has met every expectation and more. I have so enjoyed the time at Kerewong. The horses have been amazing, Aliya and Kuta, so good but spirited. I shan't want to ride at home in England as I've been so spoilt now after riding the Kerewong horses!!

Thank you so much for the last 6 days. I shall miss you all and maybe in the future I will get to come back and do it all again.

Kerewong Guestbook

Superb Week At Kerewong

What an absolutely superb week we have had!!! Loved your horses - everyone of them! It is hard to put into words how we felt out on the trails but it more then fulfilled our expectations - breathtaking and exhilarating.

Jimmy, Kuta, Aliya and Nadal gave us their all, with their varied personalities, Arabian dances and powerful fitness. And of course we loved Jedda dog join us on some of the rides. 
We loved all the other accomodations we stayed at during our 8 day Horse Riding Trek but Kerewong Farm was our favourite. We look forward to coming back again.

Kyle & Terry W.
Melbourne, Vic
Kerewong Guestbook

Highly Recommended Horse Riding Adventure

If you love horseback riding and true adventure then Southern Cross Horse Treks at Kerewong Farm is the right place for you! I have been riding my whole life and when I decided to look for a place to ride in Australia I was so very happy to find Kerewong Farm.

Kathy Holtrust, the owner, has a gorgeous farm and all of her horses are wonderful. She has an amazing way with horses and she trains these horses from the time they are young. All of the horses are fantastic and the riding is incredible.

The rides vary in length and terrain and there is so much to see. The stay at the farm is fabulous as Kathy is the ultimate guide and also cooks great meals.

I highly recommend this experience to anyone who loves riding and loves horses. The beach ride was one of the best days of my life! I can't wait to return sometime soon!

Beach Ride Port Macquarie Horse Riding NSW
Katie Kaizer
Website Review

This Ride Ranks Right Near The Top

Spectacular horses - eager, responsive, capable, happy and fun to ride. Beautiful and varied scenery, amazing wildlife and a most attentive, caring and considerate host with excellent knowledge of the area. Our hilltop cabin was heavenly!

Of the many international horse riding holidays we have done this ride ranks right near the top.

Beach Horse Riding Holidays In Australia
Elaine & Jim
Travel Agency Feedback Form

High Quality Horse Riding Experience

A short note to say thank you for a wonderful week at Kerewong. I have never cantered for so long, so fast over such steep and varied terrain!  I will treasure every moment of it and the horses - from the super cool, so laid back Nadal to my evolving "friendship" with Jimmy! 

I can't say enough about the quality of the Kerewong Experience but it has given me the confidence to do so much more with horse holiday trekking and eventing. 

Nadal - Endurance Horse Riding Adventure Holiday NSW Australia
Peter H.
Bendigo, Vic
Kerewong Guestbook


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