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Horse rider and horse trekking enthusiasts resource links and tourist information for riders (and non-riders) travelling for horse riding holidays with Southern Cross Horse Treks Australia in Lorne, New South Wales - Camden Haven area of the Greater Port Macquarie region on the NSW North Coast.

Horse And Horse Riding Resources & Links

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Bicentennial National Trail Australia

The Bicentennial National Trail is a self-reliant trekking route stretching 5,330 kms along Australia's East Coast, from Cooktown in far north Queensland to Healesville in Victoria. Originally established for long distance horse trekking, the Trail is now also used by cyclists and hikers.

Follow the old Australian pioneer stock routes, horse trails and stagecoach tracks for a unique Australian adventure with spectacular scenery through some of Australia’s wildest, most inaccessible and pristine terrain. The BNT links 18 Australian National Parks and takes a minimum of six months to complete the whole trail!

Saddlepack Horse Trekking On The Bicentennial Trail Australia

NSW Endurance Riders Association Australia

Endurance riding events in Australia began in 1966 with a sponsored event based on an idea by RM Williams that Australian riders should test their skill and horsemanship to see if they could ride like the early Australian pioneers.

Today, endurance rides are run by volunteers in each state and are suitable for all ages with long distance riding events from 20 km social rides up to marathons covering many days in the saddle. Training rides are usually 40 km and endurance rides can cover from 80 km to 160 km in one day.

Horse Treks host Kathy riding Jimmy in Endurance Ride NSW

Arabian Horse Society Of Australia

The website of the Arabian Horse Society of Australia is devoted to the Arabian horse breed in Australia and gives details about Arabian horses in Australia and the Society's events. It has an online marketplace and online studbook information.

Anyone interested to find out more about the Southern Cross Horse Treks Arabian horses' bloodlines can find this information in the online studbook by searching for the horses' registered name, which can be found in their individual horse profiles.

Southern Cross Horse Treks Horse Romac Valentino In Arabian Show (2010 - Photo By Kristin Carroll)

Mackinder Endurance - Australian Saddle Makers

Mackinder Endurance Saddlemakers in Kurrajong NSW Australia makes high quality leather endurance saddles with a unique concept and design.

The exclusive Flex Foam tree allows for medial and lateral flexibility and contours to individual horses' shapes, so the same saddle can be used on different horses. It gives the horse maximum freedom of movement from the shoulders through the back while the rider is supported into an ideal central and upright rider posture. 

Southern Cross Horse Treks Australia uses Mackinder Flex Ride Saddles since 2011 and these saddles have been a major improvement for the horses. Horse riding guests are always impressed by riding on saddles of this high standard and comfort on their Australian horse riding holiday tour.

The saddle can only be purchased directly from the saddle maker and can be send worldwide. Highly recommended by Southern Cross Horse Treks Australia.

Australian Made Mackinder Endurance Saddles - For Horse And Rider Comfort

Dixon Smith Equestrian - Online Shop Australia

Dixon Smith Equestrian sells high quality saddlery and long distance / endurance horse riding equipment to riders in Australia and overseas, with fast and reliable service.

Horse riding holiday guests who like and are interested in purchasing some of the horse treks tack items used by Southern Cross Horse Treks Australia can find these in the Dixon Smith Equestrian Online Store. These include the saddlebags, synthetic endurance breastplates (Zilco), synthetic bridles (Zilco), reins, rope halters, S-hackamore, endurance stirrups, and more.  

Ready for horse riding holiday

Archer Equine - Australian Wool Saddle Pads

Archer Equine makes beautiful Australian made woolen endurance saddle pads. Made from high quality Australian wool with a top layer quilting and trim available in many different colours. 

Archer Equine Australian Made Woolen Endurance Saddle Pads

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