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Horse Rider Reviews - Southern Cross Horse Treks (Kerewong) NSW Australia

Read reviews and rider comments about Southern Cross Horse Treks, the trail riding horses and the experiences and stories guests share about their horse riding holiday tours & treks NSW Australia.

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Marvellous Christmas Week

Thank you for a marvellous Christmas holiday week, for your fabulous and fun horses, whom you know so well and are a joy to ride and be with, for all your hospitality, the comfy cabin and excellent food both "at home" and "al fresco" on trail. 

We have enjoyed every moment, the rainforest sound of cicadas, the frogs, laughing kookaburras and wallabies and parrots before breakfast and even the goanna's. Thanks for showing us all the sights and sounds of the Australian bush and for the pleasure of enjoying it with your horses, uphill, downhill and along the beach! 

Anne & Emma
Kerewong Guestbook

The Best Coffee From A Saddlebag!

Thank you for an amazing holiday. You have an amazing team of horses, especially Jimmy who carried me 130 km of the most amazing countryside, beach, forest, creeks and roads.

The food was so tempting, the picnics divine! Coffee from a saddlebag, the best!!

Elaine G.
Kerewong Guestbook

Fantastic Gallops

Thanks again for a wonderful holiday at Kerewong!! All those fantastic canters and gallops through the forest and on the beach with Aliya, Kuta and Kiya have given me the perfect break. I can't wait to come back and I won't leave it so long next time!

Canberra, ACT
Kerewong Guestbook

Trail Blazing On Little Race Horses

My stay at Kerewong was some of the most fun I've ever had! I loved the rides - each and every one of them is so unique, but my favourite ride was the one trail blazing to the winery.

You are a wonderful guide, a fabulous host and your horses are simply wonderful. My pal Kamal carried my swiftly and sure-footed down and up the steepest slopes. The delicate and intelligent Aliya, the powerful and elegant Jimmy - I'll never forget our fast gallops through the forests and along the beach and will dream of my little race horse for a long time to come. 


Pam O.
Alamo, California
Kerewong Guestbook

Very Fit Horses

A big thank you to Kathy for providing me with a wonderful riding experience, and for being so flexible to match my stay with the time I had available. The accommodation and food were all fantastic, and Kathy's warm, friendly nature made the holiday very memorable.

The riding was varied, but the very fit horses had no problem coping with the heat, the hills or the fast sections. I really enjoyed the two horses I rode, 'Jimmy' and 'Kamal', and would have no hesitation in recommending 'Kerewong' to any of my friends.

St. Ives, NSW
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Well Kept And Totally Contented Horses

From the minute you arrive at Kerewong, you know that you are going to have a great holiday.  Nothing is out of place.  

Firstly, the accommodation is perfect for the weary horse rider.  After a hot shower, you can relax on the verandah looking out at the horses feeding contently on green pastures with a backdrop of  forests. Later, you appreciate a superb meal and enjoy relating your day with a small group of very interesting like minded international travellers.

However, it is the horses and the daily rides that will be in your memories forever.  Each horse has been carefully chosen by Kathy so that there is one that suits you and suits the ride.  The horses are in top condition and have no trouble cantering up long tracks or along the pristine beach nearby. Even at the end of the day, they still have a spring in their step. I have never experienced such well kept and totally contented horses.

Aliya - Arabian Trail Horse At Kerewong Australia
Eileen W.
Gold Coast, Queensland
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Ode To Aliya

A beautiful mare beholds my eye
Thou tugs my heart and I do sigh
To see thy coat and mane so red
Such fluid movement it is said.

And once upon thy back I sit
We seem to flow, to fuse, to fit
You trot, you canter with great ease
Always wanting to ride to please.

Your friendly nature to all you meet
A softer horse you'll never shall beat
So now I bid you sad farewell
A legend horse of which I'll tell.

Horse Riding Port Macquarie Beaches NSW - Horse Treks Australia
Gold Coast, Queensland.
Kerewong Guestbook

Fast And Beautiful

Thanks to: 
Kamal for the warm arab welcome,
Ness for being so fast and beautiful, 
Aliya for going into the ocean waves without a bit, 
silly Charlie for the dances, 
Kathy for what she taught me about horses and all the rest.   

Beach Gallop With Southern Cross Horse Treks Australia
Kerewong Guestbook

A Week Of Total Happiness!

Das Glück dieser Erde liegt auf dem Rücken der Pferde - hier haben wir es für eine Woche gefunden!

Happiness lies on the back of a horse - here we found it for one week!

Kerewong Guestbook

Beautiful Horses, Superb Accommodations

We knew this was going to be a great horseback riding holiday but we never anticipated that it would be our very favourite! Wonderful beautiful horses, superb accommodations, great food and of course great hosts! We are already planning our next visit back and will treasure the memories 'til then.

Tim & Margaret
Houston, Texas
Kerewong Guestbook

Well Cared For, Responsive Horses

Thank you so much for an amazing week. The horses were brilliant and the rides challenging while still leaving me able to walk after 5 days in the saddle. Congratulations on building such a unique experience - I have been riding in many places in Australia (and as far as Mongolia) and I've never come across such well cared for, responsive horses with interesting rides and excellent accommodation and food.

Kerewong Guestbook

Amazing Landscape And Animals

Thank you for this amazing riding experience in Australia! I had the pleasure to spend at the same time as Cathryn (see below) a wonderful Easter riding holiday at Kerewong. I can only confirm the excellent review of Cathryn: I enjoyed everything: the beautiful landscape, the kind people - especially my co-riders Cathryn from Sydney and Catherine from Queenstown New Zealand ;-)

I had the chance to try different horses and I liked them all a lot: my favourite was Aliya, but I also liked a lot Kamal and Charlie too. Not to forget Manni and Ness...The landscape and the animals were amazing - we heard bell-birds, saw kangaroos, wallabies, parrots... rode through the beautiful eucalyptus- and rainforest... I also enjoyed the kindness of Kathy, the good food and Jambo, the dog, who was so nice to all of us. I hope to be able to come back one day... 

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A Terrific Aussie Experience

The sun shone brightly, the horses always had a glint in their eyes. I loved the stillness of the forest and the wind on the beach. Spending the day with sweet Kamal and eating good food in good company is a happy way to spend the holiday time. Love for the horses, care for the guests and the Lorne Valley all make for a terrific Aussie Experience.

Kerewong Guestbook

Wonderful Horses, Great Food And New Friendships

I had an absolutely amazing Easter staying in the cabin at Kerewong. I take away fond memories of wonderful horses (Charlie in particular as he made me laugh the entire holiday), great food and new friendships.  Kathy's eye for detail was exemplary, right down to the trails we rode and the wonderful lunchtime picnics.

The whole holiday was relaxed (after the first little canter that was actually a gallop) and extremely well organised. The accommodation and dining experience was perfect to retreat to after a long day in the saddle and a great way to relive the days adventures.

Kathy has beautifully well mannered and well cared for horses who love nothing more than being out and about for a fast day of trekking. The whole experience was complemented by beautiful scenery and wildlife including lizards, wallabies, kangaroos, bandicoots and birdlife.  I can't wait to return.

Cathryn Lancaster
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Awesome Location, Fantastic Horses

It's already more than 2 months since I spent an unforgettable week with you. I really enjoyed that time very much. You just offer everything: excellent organisation, a familiar atmosphere, an awesome location, fantastic horses, delicious meals and picnics (I still miss the tim tams!) and real professionalism with guest and horses. I'll never forget that beach ride with Charlie:-) I hope to see you again some day. Have a good time and take care! Best wishes from Switzerland 

Karin Müller
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The Highlight Of My Equestrian Year

The year 2011 couldn't have started better. Wonderful fast horses! Tearing down the beach on Charlie may be the highlight of my equestrian year! 

London & Wellington
United Kingdom & New Zealand
Kerewong Guestbook

Riding With The Spirited Arabians

Thank you for the wonderful time at Kerewong. We truly enjoyed escaping from the city to your beautiful lodge and riding with the spirited arabians. The scenery was spectacular and there's nothing like galloping at full speed on the beach and through the rain forest. Everything was just right, being greeted by king parrots and lorikeets in the morning, the private cabin, the home-cooked meals, and the down-to-earth hospitality.  

Australian King Parrot At Kerewong Horse Farm
Adam & Dena
Malaysians in Hong Kong
Kerewong Guestbook

Such A Wonderful Place

We have been truly blessed to experience our first Horse Trek at such a wonderful place and to have it shared with such wonderful people. All of you here have brought such wonderful memories for us to carry with us and share with others. The kind but amazing spirit and endurance of the horses leaves me breathless. The beach ride was a dream come true, riding Aliya made it much more exciting, but then to have seen dolphins and the whales playing in the ocean makes it unforgettable. 

B. & B.A.
Kerewong Guestbook

Eine Traumhaft Schöne Woche

Herzlichen Dank für eine traumhaft schöne Woche. Deine Pferde sind einfach perfekt, unglaublich laufstark und liebenswert. Die goldigen Details die jeden Tag für neue Überraschungen sorgten, zusammen mit deiner Gastfreundschaft, machten den Urlaub einzigartig.

Lena G.
Kerewong Guestbook

I Thank Your Wonderful Horses

Thank you so much for this week that I will never forget. Through this week you allowed me to discover a little beautiful piece of Australia. I will never forget the rain forest, the koala, the beach, the wallabies. I thank your wonderful horses Ness, Kiya and Kamal because without them it wouldn't have been such a good week.

Lucky Australian Horse Riding Koala Encounter
Kerewong Guestbook

As Wonderful As I Imagined

I knew I had to come to your place; it was as wonderful as I imagined. It will not be possible any more to travel to Australia without stopping at this place.  

S. & T.Z.
Kerewong Guestbook

One Of The Best

I had a really wonderful few days. I only wish I could have stayed longer. Your hospitality, careful consideration of all your guest's needs and the way you care for your horses made it a memorable experience. The accommodation was stylish and very comfortable. The horses of course were fabulous. Aliya was a joy to ride- the fast bits were great! I loved meeting and spending time with the other guests. As you know I have been on a number of riding holidays, this was one of the best. I look forward to coming to Kerewong again. 

United Kingdom
Kerewong Guestbook

Truly A First-Class Operation

We have had such fun at Kerewong. It is truly a first- class operation. Your easy-going hospitality along with the great horses, scenery, accommodation and food all added up to a memorable vacation for us. Thank you for everything!

Horses Under Blossoming Jacaranda Tree At Australian Vineyards
A. & S.K.
Santa Barbara
Kerewong Guestbook

Excellent Riding Week

The whole trip was amazing, the horses were great, well trained (no dull trail horses) and so much fun to ride. I loved the long and very fast canters and especially the beach ride.

The host is so nice, she does a fantasic job. The meals and the accomodation were perfect. You get real value for your money, experienced riders will love this excellent riding week. 

Horse Riding Holiday - Beach Gallop
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Wunderbare Zeit Auf Kerewong

Danke fuer die wunderbare Zeit auf Kerewong: die tollen Ritte durch wunderschöne Landschaft, die traumhaften Pferde, das leckere Essen, die netten Gespräche. Ich werde meine erste Araber-Erfahrung und die tollen Galopp-strecken immer in allerbester Erinnerung behalten. 

Kerewong Guestbook


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