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No Longer With Us

The Kerewong Horses that passed away.

Ness - The Mean Queen

Born 1995, spirited Quarab (Quarterhorse - Arabian cross) mare. Looks can be deceiving: our pretty palomino herd boss has attitude and is a tough hard working mare. Very forward going, fast, sure-footed and a fantastic mountain horse, who loves to gallop. Retired in 2015, aged 20. Died 9 April 2019, aged 23.
Finesse - Horse Riding Holidays Australia Port Maquarie Hinterland NSW

Dream - The Supreme Dream

Born in 2001, Dream was already in his mid teens when he came to live at Kerewong, but he embraces the chance to show us that life starts at 15! His name holds a sweet promise which he is keen to keep: willing, friendly, curious, with soft gaits, surefooted in all terrain, Arabian spirit, temperament and lightness. Dream is a sweet natured dream of a horse with a happy peppy young horse attiutude, who lives his new life to the fullest. Retired in 2021, aged 20. Died 5 April 2022, aged 21.
Beach Horse Holiday Australia (PC: Elsa Marchenay Photography)

Kiya - One In A Million

Born 1993, beautiful Princess Kiya, full sister to silly Charlie. Sensitive, responsive and gentle tall grey Arabian mare, a calm relaxed ride, always willing to please and looking after herself and her rider. This lovely horse is a one in a million. Retired in 2013, aged 20. Died 2 September 2021, aged 28.
Kiya - Southern Cross Horse Treks Holidays NSW - Horse Beach Riding Near Port Macquarie

Aliya - The Little Sweetheart

All good things come in small packages. Born 2001, a genuinely sweet natured little Arabian mare with a spark. Very responsive and fast, she loves the water and running up the hills. Every rider falls in love with this very pretty little pocket-rocket and her comfortable soft gaits! A very well deserved early retirement in 2019, aged 18. Died 6 September 2021, aged 20.
Aliya - Horse Riding Holidays Australia Port Maquarie Beaches NSW
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