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The Blond Brumby

Born est. 2011, The Blonde Brumby and his brother Dodge were born and grew up as brumbies, Australia's wild horses, in the Guy Fawkes River National Park, NSW. They were captured by National Parks & Wildlife Authorities in 2013 using humane passive trapping methods and sent to the Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse Association for rehoming. Taphyl Stewart Horsemanship in Armidale handled and trained them with Natural Horsemanship techniques. Six years later the Brumby Brothers came to Kerewong to start their new life as trekking horses. Their progress from wild horses to reliable riding horses has been fantasitc and they started work on the treks at the end of 2019.

Horse Details

Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse (Captured Brumby)
Height - hh: 
Height - cm: 
1 August 2011
Creamy Palomino
Registered Name: 
Guy Fawkes Carnaby
Captured in 2013 from Guy Fawkes River National Parks NSW, then trained by Taphyl Stewart Horsemanship in Armidale NSW
At Kerewong Since: 
June 2019
Key Attributes: 
Sweet Natured, Surefooted Riding Horse with 3 comfortable gaits


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