Retired Horses

At Southern Cross Horse Treks all working horses are assured of the same level of care once they reach the age beyond working years, which for most will be 20 years old. The retired horses live out their days happily grazing on the extensive paddocks of our 60 acres Kerewong Property.    

Dream - The Supreme Dream

Born in 2001, Dream was already in his mid teens when he came to live at Kerewong, but he embraces the chance to show us that life starts at 15! His name holds a sweet promise which he is keen to keep: willing, friendly, curious, with soft gaits, surefooted in all terrain, Arabian spirit, temperament and lightness. Dream is a sweet natured dream of a horse with a happy peppy young horse attiutude, who lives his new life to the fullest. Retired in 2022, aged 21.
Arabian Horses NSW Australia. Dream on the right with Manni on left

Charlie - The Wild Child

Born 1995, very forward going and spirited chestnut purebred Arabian gelding. Our fastest horse, from top Australian Endurance bloodlines, sensational free moving paces, loves to outrun all the other horses on the beach. Silly Charlie is happiest to go all day every day. Retired in 2015, aged 20.
Charlie - Horse Riding Holidays Australia Port Maquarie Beaches NSW

Kamal - The Precious Prince

Born 1998, his looks match his personality: late maturing, showy, cheeky pure-bred Arabian gelding. With his elegant moves, fine long bleached surfer mane, high tail carriage, fine conformation and stance Kamal draws all eyes on him when under saddle. Retired in 2020 at the age of 22.
Kamal - Australian Adventure Horse Trailriding Hinterland Treks NSW

Copper - Strong Loyal Friend

Copper is our rescued Australian "Bush Horse", probably born around 1993. Looks and strength of a Quarter horse, he has a calm and friendly temperament and was the first weight carrier of the Kerewong Horses. Famous for patiently hanging around the lunch table, a strong and honest horse with a kind heart, very much loved. Retired in 2013, aged 20.
Copper and Ness - Enjoying Horse Retirement At Kerewong Horse Paddock Horse Riding Holidays NSW

Manni - Mr. Personality

Born 1992, our tough senior lead gelding has true Arabian attitude and temperament, loads of personality and confidence. Born-to-lead, Kerewong's smartest horse and he knows it! Reluctantly semi-retired in 2012, aged 20, full retirement in 2015 at age 23.
Manni - Trail Horse Riding Adventure Holidays NSW Australia

Jimmy - The Rockstar

Born 2003, this magnificent dapple-grey tall gelding is the Star of the Kerewong horses and underwent an impressive transformation from Show Champion Purebred Arabian to confident and willing Endurance and Trail Riding horse. Jimmy is an exceptional horse in every way: ambivalent attitude on the ground makes way for a relaxed well trained horse under saddle, with a long striding walk, spectacular show winning trot and rocking horse canter. Semi-retired in 2021 (no longer doing the long riding days).
Endurance Horse Riding Adventures - Southern Cross Horse Treks Australia
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